Sniff's Big Day - 10 Year Anniversary!

November 6, 2019

I've been baking for the past 24 hours - five cakes (all gluten free and one vegan), 4 dozen dog bone cookies and next will be the icing and decorating! 

The Sniff letters are up on the Grand Lake marquee (Barry and I drove by just to see). The notices are in the local papers and Barry has completed half an hour of shorts, out-takes and behind the scenes footage to screen ahead of the feature - the new Director's Director's cut! We've even got the little i-pods ready with the audio description for a couple of blind people we know are coming.

It has been so much fun looking at the making-of footage and only one sadness when one of the hard-drives got knocked to the floor. Whatever was on there is lost forever. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and to having a piece of Sniff's birthday cake! (Hmm... which one shall I choose?)



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