A Joy-Filled Day...

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sniff is about to turn 10, so Barry and I arranged to have an anniversary screening at the Grand Lake Theatre for old times' sake. We've been getting notes from people who were in the film, giving us updates on their lives and letting us know of the passing of their dear doggies - as Jeff Lewis says in the film, "dogs don't live as long as we do", but we can certainly keep them in our hearts. It has been great to hear from everyone and we're so looking forward to Wednesday night!

Today we bombed around on our bicycles to try to get the word out to as many dog-lovers as possible. We reprinted some business cards with details about the screening (shorts at 6, the Mighty Wurlitzer at 6:30 and Sniff at 7 pm this Wednesday November 6, 2019) and proceeded to hand them out to everyone we saw walking a dog. Barry and I handed out cards at the farmers' market near the theatre, hit the line-up at Vegan Mob on MacArthur (apparently a new not-exactly-chicken-and-ribs hang-out for plant-based foodies!), then we cruised over to the Mosswood dog park and talked to the folks watching baseball and soccer games, then rode back to Piedmont Ave to give a card to Lan, the owner of Piedmont Fabric - she's a fellow dog-lover and has great taste in fabric - one of my Gazinga buttons! The sun was shining with warm autumn light and people met us with smiles and enthusiasm when we'd start talking about the film. As we cycled home and smiled at each other at the stop signs,  I remembered how we had that same feeling of fun and benevolence during the whole year and a half of filming - making Sniff has been one of the great highlights of our lives and it continues to bring us joy! Happy Birthday, Sniff!



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