Press Excerpts

“This film is a unique blend of narrative and documentary and the filmmaker's expertise at blending the two forms is brilliant....For anyone with a pulse, this film is an incredibly enjoyable experience and for the dog lovers an absolute must see.”
Steffan Schulz
Festival Director
Diablo Valley Film Festival 2010

“... a charming and educational tail-wagger…. good-sized (Toronto) audiences, most of whom were apparently dog lovers, laughed in all the right places and oohed and awed as the dog stars did their thing…. (Sniff ) is a happy, family-oriented film.”
Don Angus
Canadian Cinematographer
March 2010

“Sniff is alternately funny, amazing, moving, and just plain silly. It all adds up to a must-see for dog devotees.”
Mindy Toomay
“A Buddy Movie Goes to the Dogs”
Bay Woof
December 2009

"Dog friendly flick SNIFF overshadows Hollywood's best in show... Sniff is a film that offers an enlightening view of what dogs can be trained to do.”
Jeff Berg
Local IQ Albuquerque July22-Aug 4, 2010

“... the human characters are engaging, too, as they take in the delights of the Bay Area while suffering the stresses of low budget filmmaking.”
Mindy Toomay
“A Buddy Movie Goes to the Dogs”
Bay Woof
December 2009

“The film trots around the City (San Francisco) capturing pets and “masters” in a sweet and funny film for dog owners, children and canine afficionados alike.... Equal parts silly and scientific, Sniff ,, will leave … viewers itching, as it were, for more.”
CS Selects
Cine Source
November 09



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