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It was WONDERFUL in every way. People were laughing, crying and having the time of their lives watching the movie.

I do hope someone picks it up as a TV series.
I saw the film last night and it was terrific! I really enjoyed it so much! I don't know about a tv series but I'd adore a sequel! Maybe a cat movie?

Love it, love it, love it!
I took my 7-1/2 year old daughter and rounded up 3 other families with their kids. We all went to see Sniff at the Grand Lake Theatre. All 6 kids love dogs and some of them brought their favorite stuffed dogs to view the movie too. My daughter tried to count how many dogs actually appear in the film (she thinks there are well over 300). It's a funny and informative movie as it shows how puppies are trained to be guide dogs for the blind and help in rescue situations. We had a great time!
My vision-impaired friend and I saw it this Saturday afternoon. We absolutely loved it.
The headphones to describe what's on the screen is a very thoughtful touch.
Thank you for bringing the film to us!
Hooray for Sniff! Wag, wag. Best use of fire hydrants in a movie ever!
This is such a fun movie -- the dogs are amazing. And the music is phenomenal! It's a great movie for dog lovers of any age. We really enjoyed it!
This was great! Saw it Saturday. This was the first time I was able to see a guide dog training and what it takes to make a good guide dog. Wonderful! This was also the first time I got to see Mikey working with his new person. Made me cry. Gabby was great too. Seeing how a guide dog could go from guide dog training to search and rescue dog was heart warming!! A must see for people of all ages. I can't wait to show the movie to everyone I know.
Trailer and website; Clever and made me smile, what more could you ask for?Congratulations, I look forward to your opening in Toronto, your friend, Shelley.
I'm so glad my sister and I got to be doggie extras in the movie. Ruff ruff!
I've never seen a movie like it - fantastic! Now my daughter wants to be a Guide Dog puppy raiser. I think you might have started something!
Great movie. Thanks for making it. Get a twitter page so we can keep moving interest around the world via word of mouth!
loved Sniff!!!!!
loved learning about the guide dogs and working dogs, old dogs, baby dogs, surfing dogs, skating dogs, and dog dogs!
Great job and really just so sweet and unique.
Sniff, The (dog) Movie, arrived New Years Eve in time for Sherrie and I and eight canine 'guests' to share popcorn and the movie. We loved it! Two of the dogs barked right back at the doggy actors, and one gold lab kept going up to the screen and sniffing. Thankfully, he didn't 'mark' his territory. We thoroughly enjoyed the plot within a plot, the many funny asides and the informative nature of your film.
I enjoyed the movie. I like the fact that it incorporated the stories of adopted dogs and Guide Dogs for the Blind.
My dog and I are grads of GDB, loved it! Went to hollywoof, there was a great atmosphere... lots of layghs and constant wows around me during Mikeys training scenes. I will be ordering a DVD for myself, and recommending it to everyone! Thanks for helping people to realize that our guides are not slaves! They play and work! They love and are loved back! Never forced into that harness they wear. Cheers, Seth & Bamboo
The Citizen Cane of dog movies!
Good job gang! Looking forward to Sniff II!
I agree. This is the best doggie movie ever. A true classic and must have for Animal lovers. dog boarding cleveland
Sniff is really the best dog movie ever made. Aside from it is apparently about dogs (that is why I love it) I see how such people treated dogs with tender and love. So for those who doesn't love their dogs anymore, I am willing to adopt them or it is better if you gave it also to some businesses that specializes on pet caring. I know of a good dog boarding in long island that caters a good quality services, you can give your dog to them if you want to abandon them already.
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One of the great dog movies. I will need to watch it again!!
Such movie appreciates the real value of teaching dogs. It's no easy task. I have great respect for people who do the dog training perth back home.
My children do not get tired of watching this movie. It's great on our home theatre perth.
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This was the first time I was able to see a guide dog training and what it takes to make a good guide dog. Wonderful! This was also the first time I got to see Mikey working with his new person. Cairn Terrier Training

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