Toe-Tapping Music Cast

You're Going to love the Music - and the People who've made it!

Original Score: Jon Herbst, Kensington, CA
Original Documentary Music: Ken Kearney, Berkeley, CA

Lawrence Blatt: “Standing in the Rain”

Dick Dale and His Del-Tones: “Night Rider”

Andrew Edlen and Steve Edlen: “St. Patrick’s Day”, “Tell Me Ma” with Louise Moore

Jon Herbst, Coventry Studios: “Family Fun/Old Home Movies”, “Country”, “Back Porch”

Ken Kearney: “Bubba Risks It”, “King Surfs!”, “Experiment in E flat”, “Dr. Dog”, “Good-Bye Gabby”

Dessie Kelliher: “O Deas, Paddy Fahys”

Jim Kimo West: “Popoke Lolo”

Kitka Womens Vocal Ensemble: “Pol Polju”, “Shen Khar Venakhi”

Laurie Lewis: “Hills of My Home”, “The Maple’s Lament”

Bobby Mc Ferrin Jr: “Baby”

The Mighty Chiplings: “Blackberry Blossom”

Outback (Graham Wiggins and Martin Cradick): “Cuban Connections”

Sam Paglia: “Sweet Lavalamp”, “Strip Tease Organ”

Sharon Shannon: “Blackbird”

Leonard Shaw: “Experiment in E flat”

Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quintet: “Old Timey Dance Party/Kangding Qingge”

Western Aerial: “Whores and Housewives”

Andre Williams with The Diplomats of Solid Sound: “Thunder Thighs”

Sarah Wilson, Sasstone Music: “Fiddle at Macy’s”

Zydeco Flames (Lloyd Meadows, Bruce Gordon): “Zydeco Sont Pas Sale”

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