Laurie Lewis and Kitka at the Gala November 5th

Sniff has a great sound track, and Grammy Award-winner Laurie Lewis and Kitka Womens' Vocal Ensemble both have music in the film. We're honoured to have them participate at the gala screenings.

Laurie and her band will join us prior to the 6:30 screening. Barry and I will do some introductions at 6:00 and Laurie will play at6:15 (including "Hills of My Home" - one of our favourites in Sniff).

Kitka will join us at 9 pm to sing Pol Polju and Shen Khar Venakhi, two thrilling pieces which you'll recognize in the film.

Gala Release DVD's of Sniff will be on sale following each screening - you can treat yourself, or someone you love! (We may even have Sniff t-shirts - to be announced!).

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