The Crew Who Made it Possible

Written and Directed by
: Barry Stone
Produced by: Kim Webster
Original Music Score: Jon Herbst
Original Documentary Music: Ken Kearney
Directors of Photography (Drama): Frazer Bradshaw and Barry Stone, C.S.C.
Editors: Barry Stone, Eric Sullivan, Hypatia Porter
Assistant Editor: Susan Berger Law
Production Designer (Drama): Schuyler Robertson
Consulting Art Director (Drama): Andrew Lewis
Sound Design: Berkeley Sound Artists
Producers: Barry Stone, Eric Sullivan, Joe Lachoff, Jeff Marvin

Story Consultation
William Farley, Robert Gardner, Richard Levien, Bob Phillips, Eric Sullivan, Finn Taylor

Technical Advisors
Rick LeCompte, Richard Levien, Chris Martin, Frank Salvato, Eric Schultz, Jesse Spencer, T.J. Kearney, Video Arts Team, David O. Weissman

Production Consultation
Jonathon Barker, Debbie Brubaker, Michele Dennis, Norm Hunter, Wendy MacKeigan, Vivian Moens, Starr Sutherland, Johnny Wow

Dramatic Film Crew:

First AD: Bradley Marshland
Second AD: Mark Runnels
Camera: Timothy Kerns
1st Assistant Camera: Cisco Riviera
2nd Assistant Camera: Anne Lee
Jib Operator: ColinDucey/Film Motion
Key Grip: Gary Gill
Grips: Andrew Clark, Justin Malone
Additional Grip: Ernest Kunze
Sound Mixer: Bob Gitzen
Mask Designer: Angela Thomas
Mask Painter: Clelia Scala
Mask Hair Dying: Alice Norton
Mask Jaw Mechanics: Chris Clifford
Costume Designer: Angela Thomas
Props Design: Angela Thomas
On-Camera Drawings: Patti Garrett, Schuyler Robertson
Set Decorators: Jane Altaffer, Peter Altaffer, Stacey McKusker, Greg Runnels, Evan Yu
Hair and Make-up: Sparky Jaxsun
Production Stills: Tara Gill
Production Manager: Emily Pierceall
Production Assistants: Easton Grainer, Evan Yu
Animal Trainers: Francis Metcalf, Gregg Holland

Second Unit Film Crew (Oakland)

First AD: Curran G. Engel
Camera Operator: Steve Buckingham
Gaffer: Ben Casias, Justin Malone
Production Manager: Emily Pierceall
Production Assistants: Max Borge, Evan Yu

Second Unit Film Crew (London)
Director of Photography: Ian Clark
Sound: Martin Scanlan
Locations: Martin Scanlan
Production Stills: Brigitte Cavanaugh

Documentary Film Crew:
Camera: Barry Stone, Kim Webster, Eric Sullivan, Easton Grainer, Dianne Griffin, Cynthia Gill, Steve Ford, Elijah Lajmer, Steve Friedman
Sound: Dan Gleich
Boom Operators: Eric Sullivan, Kim Webster, Jessie Audette
Production Assistant: Miranda Orich
Intern: Jimmy Armentrout

Making-Of Camera:
Diane Griffin, Kim Webster, Eric Sullivan

Post Production
Audio Post-Production: Berkeley Sound Artists: James LeBrecht, Patti Tauscher, Dan Olmsted, Alex Wilmer, April Rodriguez, Jamie Branquinho
Post Sound Effects: Elijah Lajmer, Babe and Rick
Video Post Production: CaptionMax, Spy Post, Video Arts
Motion Graphics Designer: Jeremy Martin
Motion Graphics/Transition Animation: Frank Salvato
Consulting Colorist: Heather Lyon Weaver
Music Supervisor: Kim Webster
Attorneys: Richard Lee, Daniel Riviera
Accountant: Patel and Associates, Oakland
Book-Keepers: Lindy Steele, Kim Webster
Insurance: Chuck Whelan Insurance
Publicity: Tara Gill, Alison Huetter, Heidi Kearsley

Location Appreciation

Z-Space Studios, San Francisco
HFH Ltd., Emeryville
Every Dog Has its Day Care, Emeryville
Anderson Motors, Alameda
KPIX/CBS 5 Studio, San Francisco
Absinthe, San Francisco
The Old Dairy, London
Gevertz Jewelry and Loan Company, Oakland
Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland


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