Update July 2008

Gathering Stories

We have 30 hours of high def video footage for the "documentary" part of the film. And we have come up with a pretty funny back story of the two "lads" making the film.

We have been following (right from his initial socialization and training) a sweet yellow lab called Mikey at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. He has been placed with a man named George Kerscher in Montana, so we went there last month to film the conclusion of that story. It was great to see Mikey again, and to know that he’s gone to live in a beautiful spot in the company of two other labs – Lily, the family pet, and Nesbit, Mikey’s guide dog predecessor who logged over 1 million miles on Delta airlines with George.

We've also been filming a black lab called Gabby who started out at Guide Dogs and had a "career change". Gabby is now training at Sundowners Ranch in Gilroy, California to be a Search and Rescue dog. It was a rough road for a while because although Gabby loved finding the “hidden trainer,” she wouldn't signal her discovery with a bark, an essential job requirement. She’s over that hurdle now and we have been filming her in various stages of training. Certification is on the way and we are currently waiting to find out where she gets posted so we can follow her life in the real world.

On the lighter side we've got dogs that lean out of windows, dogs that surf and a sweet story of Harley fetching a ball in the Klamath.

Barry and Harley - fetch anyone?


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