Update April, 2008

From an Email to my Friend Doug in Canada

Just trying to stay calm what with camera-work, logging footage and an upcoming bit of directing for Sniff while Barry is in Marin working on a Korean pig horror film to keep the tofu on the table.

I’m chronically behind on the ever-present book-keeping for our four business entities, and I’m waging a pathetic struggle to prepare for glass shows in June, cope with an onslaught of spring gardening (one new client too) and managing a snow-balling home improvement project. We’ve cleared out the kitchen to put in a beautiful cherry wood floor, so I decided to do a bit of tiling behind the stove while it was pulled out. The floor replacement uncovered some water seepage where the kitchen extension meets the concrete pad it was built on. In order to fix the seepage, we had to rip off the old shakes and re-seal the area from outside. The shingling man starts this week and we’ve got piles of new redwood shakes waiting in the backyard among the detritus.

I can't believe I'm actually learning how to do documentary camera work at this stage in life. In eighteen years of knowing him I've never even turned on one of Barry's cameras of my own volition. It has been really fun following dogs around but now Barry is working on a feature so I've had to pinch hit for him filming the Guide Dog we've been following for the past few months. He’s now been matched with his blind person and they’re preparing together for life in the real world. The pair "graduate" at a ceremony on Saturday, so I’m about to add yet another string to my bow. I'll be leading a troupe of 2 camera people and a sound person (all volunteers, also only recently trained on our particular HD cameras) to achieve what I hope will be at least a work-woman-like representation of the event. These one-time-only, gotta-get-it-right situations are way too stressful for the novitiate!

Tomorrow on his day off from Chaw, Barry and I will travel to Gilroy to continue filming a Search and Rescue dog being trained. (Barry does the close-ups and I shoot the wide.) I so prefer it when B's there with all his experience. I freak out internally when I'm not sure of the exposure, the framing, the focus, well everything - and that's most of the time.

It has been informative to walk in Barry's moccasins, but really I'd like to give them
back... and before Saturday! I'm really an oxfords person.

Turning 50? That's easy.



Kim filming some making of while Barry looks on.


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